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Obsession: Velour Lipstick

img_1210Crocodile Tears, Posh Spice, Celebrity Skin, Androgyny, Dominatrix, Pussy Whipped, Dream House, No Tea No Shade, Unicorn Blood, Designer Blood, Redrum, and Rich Blood.

Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks are without a doubt an obsession of mine. I only discovered his cosmetic line about three months ago and I nearly have half of his line of liquid lipsticks. At $18 a pop, it is a lot cheaper that other high end cosmetic brands but it does add up. What makes this line so worth the price is the fact that these lipsticks are so versatile. You can use these as is and wear them in their true shade, you can also mix them to customize your own shade. Each liquid lipstick can be used around the eyes, as eyeliner or as eyeshadow. I’ve even heard of it being used as highlighter by mixing Pussy Whipped (the gold one in the center of the picture) with some primer. If you would like to see some swatches let me know. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and please take the time to subscribe and give this post a thumbs up. Thanks again.

product review: Whipped Mud Mask

I have developed an obsession with all things argon oil. I will be making another post talking about my obsession on another day. But today I will be talking about Josie Maron whipped mud mask in vanilla apricot. It promises to hydrate my skin and brighten.

img_1183 I have combination skin and was intending on only using this on my cheeks but decided to use it on my whole face. My first impression is blah. Not impressed. Basic. After leaving it on for the recommend ten minutes, I began to remove the mask to reveal bright clear skin…not! My skin was stained orange. I had scrubbed my face to remove it. My forehead had a waxy feel and my cheeks were nah.

img_1192The orange stain is a trick many cosmetic companies do to give the skin a “bright” appearance. So at this moment I have no plans to repurchase this mask but will be using the rest of the jar on my cheeks. I’ll keep you informed if my opinion changes, but doubtful. If you like this post please give a thumbs up and please subscribe. thanks

Product review: Clinique take the day off

After taking an hour or longer to apply makeup it seems to take longer to take it off. I would cleanse my face with makeup remover and then wash that off with a bar of soap, only to see my towels covered in foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, and whatever else I slap on my face. This has all changed since I have been introduced to Clinique’s Take The Day Off. I use a quarter size amount of the balm and smear it all over my face. After a minute, I wash this off with a bar of soap. My face is clean, smooth and not at all dried out. The biggest surprise was my towel was clean afterwards. Did I mention my towel was white? Yup, it was white and it stayed white. Need I need to say more?

Don’t be a Clown

Sometimes we just don’t know when to say when. I love dramatic makeup. LOVE IT! My go to style is the smokey eye. Lately is the red lip. BUT NEVER AT THE SAME TIME. Pick one please. When I do the smokey eye, I always do a nude lip. When I a red lip, I always to a simple neutral eye shadow with a winged eyeliner. Each one is drama, an eye catcher, to do both is to draw too much attention to the whole face and you end up looking like a clown. There are some exceptions to the rule but not many. img_1143Don’t get me wrong, I love doing dramatic makeup. Actually it is the only way I do makeup but I still want it done in a tasteful way.

makeup on fleek

At the end of the day it is up to you. What ever you decide to as long as makeup makes you happy than do it. Today is my birthday by the way. I wonder will any one ever read this. If you like this advice please or have any questions than please leave me some comments.

Counter Productive

I often see people make the same mistake when it comes to applying serums, creams, lotions and potions to their skin in vein effort to maintain their youthful appearance. Seeing people apply so much pressure to the skin, dragging the skin up and down and all around. NO!!! The more you drag and pull your skin around the more you break down the elasticity in your skin. With out the elasticity and collagen in your skin the your skin begins to sag and wrinkles.  Unless you are under the age of 30, you won’t give much thought to the firmness of your skin. Then again, those under 30 have no worries about collagen and wrinkles because they don’t really have to worry about it because their skin bounces back instantly. Ah, those were the days. This is how you are supposed to correctly apply any cream, ointment, whatever to your skin. When it come to the eye area, it is best to use the ring finger. Start at the outer corner of the eye with just the tip of the finger and gently sweep with a small amount of pressure and glide the finger tip towards the inner corner of the eye.  Remember the more pressure you apply on the under eye, the more you drag  the skin. When it comes to the cheek areas it is a little similar. With the finger tips starting at the center of your cheeks, gently glide the finger tips towards the nose. Now this part is a little different than you might of heard. With the bottom of the palm of your hand gently rest it on your chin. Bring the finger tips at the opposite side of the face and place them the the temple. (If you are using your right hand than place your finger tips at the left temple. If you are using the left hand than place your finger tips at the right temple) Sweep the finger tips down the side of the face continuing to leave the bottom of the plan on the chin, rotating the wrist. Once the finger tips reach the jaw, sweep the fingers under the jaw lifting the wrist off the chin. With the hand cupping the jaw,  gently sweep the fingers under the jaw until you reach the chin. If you do not want to follow these steps, that is okay. Just don’t drag and pull the skin. If you like this than please give a thumbs up and please subscribe. Thanks.



First things first

Makeup 101:

Know your skin type. Duh!! But seriously, know your skin type and buy makeup accordingly. I have extreme combination skin. My t-zone is incredibly oily and my cheeks are incredibly dry. But mostly I have oily skin, so I buy my makeup targeted for oily skin. Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick is one such product that targets oily skin. img_1076Whatever skin problems you have, makeup will not fix it, it can minimize it for a time. This foundation does just that. The Hourglass stick foundation does minimize that unavoidable shine for, in my experience, eight hours. After that blotting papers are needed. To know your skin type and know which products target specific skin types will go a long way of making your day easier.


My sister is an amazing woman who served in combat and is now a mother of three beautiful kids. She works in animal control so it is no surprise to me that she is not the most familiar with makeup. She spent most of her life putting herself second running around after others and now she wants to every once in a while to put herself first. She keeps asking me about makeup advice and an occasional makeover. So its with her in mind  that I was inspired to start this blog. For the makeup novice who are interested in makeup and need someone to speak there language and also to be placed in the right direction. Welcome to all!

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