Cleopatra was know for her beauty secret of bathing in milk and honey. Today everyone seems to buy honey or a product with honey for their beauty regiment but milk seems to get the shaft. Well over a year ago I discovered soap made from goats milk and found a way to add milk in my regiment. It started off with my mom gifting me lotion. She had gone to a festival here in Georgia and came across a booth and sampled the lotion a lady was selling. She instantly loved it and purchased 5 bottles. “Em, you need to try this.” So I did, and I’m instantly hooked. img_1312I noticed on the bottle that there was a website, so I went on it. There are all sorts of products all made from goats milk. There is a variety of scents to choose from. But I digress. I need to tell you what is so incredible about this product. The first time I used the lotion was so amazing and unexpected. My hands felt so smooth and soft in ways I don’t think I have felt in my adult life. My skin truly feels young. The soap was life changing. Yes, life changing! As I scrubbed my skin, the strangest thing happened.   Skin cells were clumping together and just washed off. It looked gross but it would be worse to still have the dead skin cells on your body. I had been using Dove soap for years prior to goats milk soap and never physically saw dead skin cells coming off of my body. How clean was my skin after that? Squeaky clean. Literally. I would rub my finger against my skin and I could hear that my skin was squeaking.  Let me repeat that. My skin is now squeaky clean. The soap and is so moisturizing that my need to use lotion goes down. However it is winter and with that comes winter dry skin. So during the winter season I do need lotion. The lotion is also so moisturizing and soothing to the skin. I just don’t have enough words to describe just how wonderful the products from Shake n Bake Ranch are. The farm where this is made is run by Nancy and she is a one wonder woman show. She is truly so kind and an amazing person. She is also having a difficult time keeping up with product stock. More and more people are finding out just how amazing her lotions and soaps are that she is struggling to keep up in stock. She sells out quickly, so when she is in stock buy it!  So the soap with honey, Cleopatra step aside. Emilia is coming thru.