Why do they still make liquid liner? Seriously? Why do I still keep trying? Seriously? I don’t know. For my belated birthday celebration, my sisters and friends went to an escape the room um… game, um…adventure, um…thing. By the way, so much fun. The stress that came with doing my makeup for that night was just absolutely frustrating. I wanted to have this cute winged liner with a reddish purple lip. And guess what? Epic fail. What would usually take me about five minutes with gel liner took me over thirty with liquid. I actually do know why I keep trying in vain. It is because I have never had success with it and think with this new liner that everyone is raving about I will finally accomplish this look with perfection. I always have success with gel liner but never with liquid. The tip is too flimsy and the liner too watery. It is never straight and always smears. Before you say anything, I know all the tricks when it comes to the perfect winged liner. Scotch tape or a spoon  as a guide, makeup wipes to clean up and correct, and using black eyeshadow to set the liner. I know these things but still manage to fail. For those of you who have success with liquid liner, mad props to you. I however will forever give up on liquid liner… until the next best liquid liner comes out and I once again try in vain. If you like this post please give a thumbs up and please subscribe. Thanks