Having spent so much money on makeup and some of which I regret, should have returned it, I am now officially broke. Which would normally be okay but, you win some you lose some or whatever, but no I am miserable. Doing research for “what to look for in beauty in 2017” I stumbled across HiMirror. What is HiMirror? It is the future in the present. Yes, you read that correctly. It is a mirror that when paired up with HiSkin is what we saw in movies set in the future. Together these two devices will tell you everything about your skin. It will tell you in specific areas whether your skin is oily, dry, patchy, in need of any kind of treatment. It will even give you suggestions on how to correct your skin woes. It will keep daily records of your skin readings and over time inform you whether or not the products you are using are helping or hurting your skin. You can tell your HiMirror your days events such as a photo shoot and the lighting will automatically adjust. It will auto correct for sunny days, cloudy days, and even if you are doing your makeup for a night out it will auto correct. Can you hear that? Those are angels singing. They are also laughing at me since I am too broke to afford it! The package I am interested in buying is $388. It comes with the HiMirror, Smart Scale, Smart Mat and HiSkin. Oh yeah, did I for get to mention they sell a scale so you can monitor your weight too and all of this information will literally be in the palm of your hand. Of course it is all on an app. The best of beauty and technology working together to better our lives…. or make us more neurotic. Either way I will have to wait a few months before I can purchase my dream package.  If any of you do or already purchased the HiMirror, please let me know just how jealous of you I should be. If you like this post please give it a thumbs up and subscribe. Thanks.