It is not everyday that I am able to use something so extravagant on myself. I have never spent anywhere near this amount on myself for a single item that wasn’t furniture. Actually I bought this on sale. I placed a post a few days ago letting everyone know that Adore Cosmetics was having a sale on the Golden Touch Magnetic Mask. 80% off to be exact. So at $200 plus tax this was with out a doubt the most expensive beauty product I have purchased. By the way, it must be really nice to have 1k to burn. It is on the website that this mask is not for oily skin and having used it I now know why. But first, my description of this mask. When it arrived, I was incredibly excited and rushed to open it. The jar is quite heavy considering how small it is. Once I opened the jar I was hit with a not so pleasant sent. It reminded me of some lotions or creams that my grandmother used. I am so confused, how could something so expensive smell so cheap? Moving on, I applied the mask using my fingers instead of using the spatula that the manufacture recommend and supplied. But whatever face mask that you do use, it is important that you do use a spatula to remove the product so you won’t contaminate it with germs and bacteria. After 7 minutes I used the magnetic wand that came with it and it was a strange feeling (in a good way) to feel the mask just come off your skin. Left behind is the gold and what I can best describe a moisturizer. Rub it in to your skin and wash with a mild soap. The price is absolutely outrageous but I have to admit the next day my skin  was noticeably brighter and more hydrated. Will I repurchase this again? No. I can’t afford to. If only to I had money to burn. But seriously, I would give this 4 out of 5 stars. The smell and price are holding me back. Obviously the price. If you like this post please leave a thumbs up and subscribe. Thanks.