I have developed an obsession with all things argon oil. I will be making another post talking about my obsession on another day. But today I will be talking about Josie Maron whipped mud mask in vanilla apricot. It promises to hydrate my skin and brighten.

img_1183 I have combination skin and was intending on only using this on my cheeks but decided to use it on my whole face. My first impression is blah. Not impressed. Basic. After leaving it on for the recommend ten minutes, I began to remove the mask to reveal bright clear skin…not! My skin was stained orange. I had scrubbed my face to remove it. My forehead had a waxy feel and my cheeks were nah.

img_1192The orange stain is a trick many cosmetic companies do to give the skin a “bright” appearance. So at this moment I have no plans to repurchase this mask but will be using the rest of the jar on my cheeks. I’ll keep you informed if my opinion changes, but doubtful. If you like this post please give a thumbs up and please subscribe. thanks