Sometimes we just don’t know when to say when. I love dramatic makeup. LOVE IT! My go to style is the smokey eye. Lately is the red lip. BUT NEVER AT THE SAME TIME. Pick one please. When I do the smokey eye, I always do a nude lip. When I a red lip, I always to a simple neutral eye shadow with a winged eyeliner. Each one is drama, an eye catcher, to do both is to draw too much attention to the whole face and you end up looking like a clown. There are some exceptions to the rule but not many. img_1143Don’t get me wrong, I love doing dramatic makeup. Actually it is the only way I do makeup but I still want it done in a tasteful way.

makeup on fleek

At the end of the day it is up to you. What ever you decide to as long as makeup makes you happy than do it. Today is my birthday by the way. I wonder will any one ever read this. If you like this advice please or have any questions than please leave me some comments.