I often see people make the same mistake when it comes to applying serums, creams, lotions and potions to their skin in vein effort to maintain their youthful appearance. Seeing people apply so much pressure to the skin, dragging the skin up and down and all around. NO!!! The more you drag and pull your skin around the more you break down the elasticity in your skin. With out the elasticity and collagen in your skin the your skin begins to sag and wrinkles.  Unless you are under the age of 30, you won’t give much thought to the firmness of your skin. Then again, those under 30 have no worries about collagen and wrinkles because they don’t really have to worry about it because their skin bounces back instantly. Ah, those were the days. This is how you are supposed to correctly apply any cream, ointment, whatever to your skin. When it come to the eye area, it is best to use the ring finger. Start at the outer corner of the eye with just the tip of the finger and gently sweep with a small amount of pressure and glide the finger tip towards the inner corner of the eye.  Remember the more pressure you apply on the under eye, the more you drag  the skin. When it comes to the cheek areas it is a little similar. With the finger tips starting at the center of your cheeks, gently glide the finger tips towards the nose. Now this part is a little different than you might of heard. With the bottom of the palm of your hand gently rest it on your chin. Bring the finger tips at the opposite side of the face and place them the the temple. (If you are using your right hand than place your finger tips at the left temple. If you are using the left hand than place your finger tips at the right temple) Sweep the finger tips down the side of the face continuing to leave the bottom of the plan on the chin, rotating the wrist. Once the finger tips reach the jaw, sweep the fingers under the jaw lifting the wrist off the chin. With the hand cupping the jaw,  gently sweep the fingers under the jaw until you reach the chin. If you do not want to follow these steps, that is okay. Just don’t drag and pull the skin. If you like this than please give a thumbs up and please subscribe. Thanks.