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Beauty Secret: Goat Milk

Cleopatra was know for her beauty secret of bathing in milk and honey. Today everyone seems to buy honey or a product with honey for their beauty regiment but milk seems to get the shaft. Well over a year ago I discovered soap made from goats milk and found a way to add milk in my regiment. It started off with my mom gifting me lotion. She had gone to a festival here in Georgia and came across a booth and sampled the lotion a lady was selling. She instantly loved it and purchased 5 bottles. “Em, you need to try this.” So I did, and I’m instantly hooked. img_1312I noticed on the bottle that there was a website, so I went on it. There are all sorts of products all made from goats milk. There is a variety of scents to choose from. But I digress. I need to tell you what is so incredible about this product. The first time I used the lotion was so amazing and unexpected. My hands felt so smooth and soft in ways I don’t think I have felt in my adult life. My skin truly feels young. The soap was life changing. Yes, life changing! As I scrubbed my skin, the strangest thing happened.   Skin cells were clumping together and just washed off. It looked gross but it would be worse to still have the dead skin cells on your body. I had been using Dove soap for years prior to goats milk soap and never physically saw dead skin cells coming off of my body. How clean was my skin after that? Squeaky clean. Literally. I would rub my finger against my skin and I could hear that my skin was squeaking.  Let me repeat that. My skin is now squeaky clean. The soap and is so moisturizing that my need to use lotion goes down. However it is winter and with that comes winter dry skin. So during the winter season I do need lotion. The lotion is also so moisturizing and soothing to the skin. I just don’t have enough words to describe just how wonderful the products from Shake n Bake Ranch are. The farm where this is made is run by Nancy and she is a one wonder woman show. She is truly so kind and an amazing person. She is also having a difficult time keeping up with product stock. More and more people are finding out just how amazing her lotions and soaps are that she is struggling to keep up in stock. She sells out quickly, so when she is in stock buy it!  So the soap with honey, Cleopatra step aside. Emilia is coming thru.

What the f*@k?

Is anyone else having trouble with Kylie Cosmetics? I placed an order one month ago and never received my order. $150 order and nothing. I tried to call but could never find the phone number. Every time I sent an email it was always refused. A failed sent message would pop up on my screen. I could email  any body else, just not them. My credit card was charged  $150 last week and still nothing! I don’t know who is running the company but they make me feel like they are some shady (expletives). I strongly warn everyone about purchasing from this website. Purchase at your own risk.

Acne, help me please

It never seams to fail, on important occasions I get a constellation on my face. This isn’t an advice post, this is a please help me post. My face is usually clear of acne but every once in awhile  AHHHHHH!!!! In the past I used Proactive with disastrous results. It made my skin incredibly dry in my chin and turned it dark and scaly. It took months to recover from one weeks use. I do use toners and scrub my face regularly but as you can guess I am very cautious about acne treatments. Do any of you have product recommendations or home remedies that will help?

First things first

Novice Beauty

Makeup 101:

Know your skin type. Duh!! But seriously, know your skin type and buy makeup accordingly. I have extreme combination skin. My t-zone is incredibly oily and my cheeks are incredibly dry. But mostly I have oily skin, so I buy my makeup targeted for oily skin. Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick is one such product that targets oily skin. img_1076Whatever skin problems you have, makeup will not fix it, it can minimize it for a time. This foundation does just that. The Hourglass stick foundation does minimize that unavoidable shine for, in my experience, eight hours. After that blotting papers are needed. To know your skin type and know which products target specific skin types will go a long way of making your day easier.

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Liquid Eye Liner, Seriously?

Why do they still make liquid liner? Seriously? Why do I still keep trying? Seriously? I don’t know. For my belated birthday celebration, my sisters and friends went to an escape the room um… game, um…adventure, um…thing. By the way, so much fun. The stress that came with doing my makeup for that night was just absolutely frustrating. I wanted to have this cute winged liner with a reddish purple lip. And guess what? Epic fail. What would usually take me about five minutes with gel liner took me over thirty with liquid. I actually do know why I keep trying in vain. It is because I have never had success with it and think with this new liner that everyone is raving about I will finally accomplish this look with perfection. I always have success with gel liner but never with liquid. The tip is too flimsy and the liner too watery. It is never straight and always smears. Before you say anything, I know all the tricks when it comes to the perfect winged liner. Scotch tape or a spoon  as a guide, makeup wipes to clean up and correct, and using black eyeshadow to set the liner. I know these things but still manage to fail. For those of you who have success with liquid liner, mad props to you. I however will forever give up on liquid liner… until the next best liquid liner comes out and I once again try in vain. If you like this post please give a thumbs up and please subscribe. Thanks

One Broke Blogger

Having spent so much money on makeup and some of which I regret, should have returned it, I am now officially broke. Which would normally be okay but, you win some you lose some or whatever, but no I am miserable. Doing research for “what to look for in beauty in 2017” I stumbled across HiMirror. What is HiMirror? It is the future in the present. Yes, you read that correctly. It is a mirror that when paired up with HiSkin is what we saw in movies set in the future. Together these two devices will tell you everything about your skin. It will tell you in specific areas whether your skin is oily, dry, patchy, in need of any kind of treatment. It will even give you suggestions on how to correct your skin woes. It will keep daily records of your skin readings and over time inform you whether or not the products you are using are helping or hurting your skin. You can tell your HiMirror your days events such as a photo shoot and the lighting will automatically adjust. It will auto correct for sunny days, cloudy days, and even if you are doing your makeup for a night out it will auto correct. Can you hear that? Those are angels singing. They are also laughing at me since I am too broke to afford it! The package I am interested in buying is $388. It comes with the HiMirror, Smart Scale, Smart Mat and HiSkin. Oh yeah, did I for get to mention they sell a scale so you can monitor your weight too and all of this information will literally be in the palm of your hand. Of course it is all on an app. The best of beauty and technology working together to better our lives…. or make us more neurotic. Either way I will have to wait a few months before I can purchase my dream package.  If any of you do or already purchased the HiMirror, please let me know just how jealous of you I should be. If you like this post please give it a thumbs up and subscribe. Thanks.

Counter Productive

I posted this earlier but somehow deleted this on accident. Retyped and reposting this.

Novice Beauty

I often see people make the same mistake when it comes to applying serums, creams, lotions and potions to their skin in vein effort to maintain their youthful appearance. Seeing people apply so much pressure to the skin, dragging the skin up and down and all around. NO!!! The more you drag and pull your skin around the more you break down the elasticity in your skin. With out the elasticity and collagen in your skin the your skin begins to sag and wrinkles.  Unless you are under the age of 30, you won’t give much thought to the firmness of your skin. Then again, those under 30 have no worries about collagen and wrinkles because they don’t really have to worry about it because their skin bounces back instantly. Ah, those were the days. This is how you are supposed to correctly apply any cream, ointment, whatever to your skin. When it…

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$1000 Face Mask!

It is not everyday that I am able to use something so extravagant on myself. I have never spent anywhere near this amount on myself for a single item that wasn’t furniture. Actually I bought this on sale. I placed a post a few days ago letting everyone know that Adore Cosmetics was having a sale on the Golden Touch Magnetic Mask. 80% off to be exact. So at $200 plus tax this was with out a doubt the most expensive beauty product I have purchased. By the way, it must be really nice to have 1k to burn. It is on the website that this mask is not for oily skin and having used it I now know why. But first, my description of this mask. When it arrived, I was incredibly excited and rushed to open it. The jar is quite heavy considering how small it is. Once I opened the jar I was hit with a not so pleasant sent. It reminded me of some lotions or creams that my grandmother used. I am so confused, how could something so expensive smell so cheap? Moving on, I applied the mask using my fingers instead of using the spatula that the manufacture recommend and supplied. But whatever face mask that you do use, it is important that you do use a spatula to remove the product so you won’t contaminate it with germs and bacteria. After 7 minutes I used the magnetic wand that came with it and it was a strange feeling (in a good way) to feel the mask just come off your skin. Left behind is the gold and what I can best describe a moisturizer. Rub it in to your skin and wash with a mild soap. The price is absolutely outrageous but I have to admit the next day my skin  was noticeably brighter and more hydrated. Will I repurchase this again? No. I can’t afford to. If only to I had money to burn. But seriously, I would give this 4 out of 5 stars. The smell and price are holding me back. Obviously the price. If you like this post please leave a thumbs up and subscribe. Thanks.

Product Review:Tarteist ProGlow

img_1212I have been looking for a contouring palette that I love and mission accomplished. This palette has everything I need with a cream pan mark shade, a powder and marked sculpt, and six highlighters that in my opinion will fit most skin tones. I have olive skin tone and finding shades in any type of makeup isn’t always that easy.  This for me, if you like doing contour style make, is a must have. At $45 for the palette it is not a steal but worth it.   If you would like to see more on this palette than let me know in the comments.

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